Me, You & SEO

Experience – Knowledge – Enthusiasm

I love what I do for a living.

I first experienced SEO as a website owner. From there I delivered high volume white label SEO to web design and marketing agencies around the world, followed by heading up the SEO department for a full service digital marketing agency.

As an independent digital marketing consultant , I have seen all the SEO tricks and short cuts and have helped clients recover from the negative impact that these methods always create.

I provide only best practice SEO advise and services that help you maximize the value from your existing visitors and increase your visibility on line to bring you more visitors in the future.

Meet the Team

  • Andy Ocock
    Andy OcockOwner & SEO Man
  • Sarah Smith
    Sarah SmithOwner & Social Media Manager

    I love all things social and spend too much time on the internet!

Core SEO Values

Straight Forward SEO Advice

I’m old enough to remember a world before the internet and I’m particularly good at explaining SEO processes in a real world way to help everyone to understand how to achieve more success on line.

Free Advice - Always

Even if you aren’t a paying client, I will always make myself available to anyone who is looking for advice and help to improve their websites performance.

Clear Monthly Reporting

I report on all the work I do each month, nothing is ever hidden. I do supply keyword ranking reports but encourage clients to pay more attention to analytics than keyword rankings.

Experienced Based Knowledge Of SEO

The advice I give is based upon the experiences I’ve had in helping other clients. I will not suggest doing something simply to tick an SEO box as this never delivers  value for money.

SEO Best Practise

By avoiding short cuts and taking time to ensure that a website follows Googles best practice guidelines, I help clients to achieve risk free growth on line.

Easy to work with

I like to think that I’m easy to work with, I guess the only way to find out is to use me!

Decision time – Leave it here and take it no further, or get in touch?